You're Safe With Sunology

Sun safety is essential to your skin health. And your skin health dictates more of your overall wellbeing than you may realize. But simply smearing on sunscreen is not enough to ensure you’re safe from the sun.

Consider this: most mass-market sunscreens contain chemicals like oxybenzone and avobenzone that are designed to absorb the sun’s UV radiation. They soak into your skin, enter your blood stream, and “protect” you by softening the blow of the UV rays. So while you may not be burning, your skin is soaking in the chemicals.

If your skin health is important to you, choose mineral sunscreen. Sunology mineral sunscreen is safe and effective, oxybenzone-free sunscreen designed to reflect the sun’s rays away from the skin, at the surface, using only mineral ingredients derived from nature. Formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and combined with a highly concentrated essential oil blend made from pure moringa seed extracts, Sunology is naturally infused, safe, and gentle. As a physical sunscreen, Sunology provides a broad-spectrum, SPF 50 barrier that is nourishing and water-resistant.

No oxybenzone, avobenzone, octinixate, octisalate, PABA, parabens, or added fragrances, Sunology is gentle enough for daily use and nourishing enough to replace your daily moisturizer. We are, and vow to always be, 100% cruelty-free in our manufacturing processes, and forever conscious of the impact each and every one of us can have on the globe.

Is your sunscreen safe? You’re safe with Sunology.