How Important is Vitamin D in Your Diet?

For those of us living up north, we may feel a bit SAD this time of year. It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, but “sad” isn’t too far off. It’s a type of depression that strikes during winter, and it’s estimated to affect about 20 percent of Americans. If you’ve found yourself more tired and moody from late fall til early spring, it may be more than just the “winter blues.” While the cause of SAD still remains unknown, boosting your Vitamin D intake might help combat the symptoms.  
The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is our primary source of Vitamin D. Since sunlight is scarce during winter, it can throw off our body’s natural balance. It’s very common for people to become Vitamin D-deficient, especially during the cold months. But keep in mind the important role this vitamin has in maintaining the overall health of your mind and body.

Vitamin D contributes to:

  • Maintaining healthy bones—preventing brittle bones and early onset osteoporosis
  • Reducing your risk of deadly cancers
  • Preventing cardiovascular disease and reducing hypertension
  • Preventing infections and the flu
  • Reducing the risk of obesity
  • Stabilizing mood and reducing depression

According to Natural News, Vitamin D is “perhaps the single most underrated” vitamin in the nutritional world. Needless to say, it’s important to make sure your levels are properly maintained. We've suggested some of our favorite Liquid Vitamin D supplements below, but we suggest contacting your healthcare professional or holistic specialist on the best Vitamin D option for you.

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Rx Vitamins - Liqui-D3


BodyWorks All Natural - Vitamin D Liquid for Infants & Adults

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