5 Reasons Why Sunscreen Is The Only Skincare You Need To Pack

The end of the year is busy. With all the presents and plans, your holiday vacation probably seems a distant daydream. In actuality, it’s right around the corner.

Whether you’re packing gear for a weeklong adventure or just flying home for a few days, it’s usually smart to condense. As you start weeding through the overstuffed suitcase, you might be asking:

Q: Does that fit in a smaller container?

A: Probably.

Q: Is that shirt really necessary?

A: Probably not.

Q:What do I really need to bring?

A: ?...This can be a tough one. But maybe you can think about ditching all of your fancy skin care products.

Yes, your highly revered “skincare” line is entirely optional, that is, if you're prepared with a nourishing, mineral sunscreen.

In the spirit of condensing your life and your packing list, here are 5 reasons to make sunscreen your skincare while traveling:

High-quality, mineral sunscreens have naturally hydrating and anti-aging properties 

Mineral sunscreens utilize high-powered natural ingredients that deliver similar, if not more, benefits to your skin. With a sunscreen like Sunology you'll reap the benefits of a unique essential oil complex, made with moringa oleifera seed oil.

The moringa tree is one of the most nutrient-rich members of the plant kingdom, known for being anti-inflammatory, purifying, amino acid- and protein-packed, and powerfully anti-aging. By using Sunology as your primary skincare, your skin will stay protected, while still soaking in all of the benefits from some of nature’s most powerful ingredients.

Sun Protection is the most important component in any skincare Regimen

Scientists found that daily sunscreen use can stop signs of aging for up to four and a half years. The study also found that those who applied sunscreen daily had noticeably smoother and more resilient skin than those who didn’t wear sun protection. Sure, you could waste precious room in your suitcase for another alleged elixir of youth, but the most effective wrinkle-fighter is really just your sunscreen.

No matter the climate, if you're outdoors, you'll need the protection

Many of us equate the beach with sun protection. It’s smart because both water and sand can reflect the sun’s rays. It gets tougher to remember the sunscreen when we’re heading out to the slopes, but UV radiation may be 35-45 percent more intense at high altitudes. The beautiful thing about a 2oz. tube of Sunology? Throw it in your ski jacket or backpack to reapply as you go, no matter where the day may take you.

You need sunscreen during the traveling process

We never go anywhere without our sun protection, and we’re big advocates of making sunscreen a staple in your carry-on. Consider driving, for example. Sun exposure while driving has been linked to an increased risk of developing skin cancer. It’s the reason why the left side, or driver’s side, of the body is genesis of the majority of skin cancer occurrences.

Flying unsuspectingly puts you at a greater risk for sun exposure as well. In fact, an hour of flying at 30,000 feet can be as dangerous as 20 minutes in a tanning bed. Airplane windows block some UVB rays, but you need a broad-spectrum sunscreen to shield your skin from UVA rays.

 TSA Approved Sizing

Ever tried to get your jarred face moisturizer into a smaller tube to get through airport security? We have, and it wasn’t easy. You're better off packing a TSA-approved tube of sunscreen. Tuck it in your travel bag of choice with no added hassle at home, or in the airport security line.

Have you taken Sunology on any recent adventures? Tell us how you've found sunscreen as your adventure-friendly skin care option.

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