Sunology Blog

  • What is SPF?

    Caitlin Doermer

    Have you ever found yourself staring at a drugstore shelf wondering, “What’s the actual difference between SPF 30 and SPF 75?” or “what is SPF anyways?” you’re not alone.   We’ve heard some choose a lower SPF because they want to get a better tan. Some think SPF 100 protects against more sun d... View Post
  • Sun Safe Through Any Activity: Sweating, Stinging, & the Solution

    Caitlin Doermer

    As the mercury starts to rise, so does the anticipation of spending time outside in the sun. You may be making plans for a hiking trip, brushing up on your tennis game, or simply looking forward to walking to work each day. No matter your level of physical activity, spending time in the sun natu... View Post
  • Hawaii Makes Progress Toward Oxybenzone-Free Oceans

    Caitlin Doermer

    Hawaii’s thriving marine life is a source of education, travel, enjoyment, and income for many on the island and abroad. But for decades, a chemical compound found in most sunscreens has been taking a toll on the islands’ waters. In recent years, the term “bleaching” has become more common aroun... View Post


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