Our Story


Here at Sunology, we're committed to producing highly effective suncare products inspired by nature. We don't believe chemical sunscreens are the answer. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to developing natural sunscreen products and educating consumers on the facts of sun safety while providing a powerful alternative: the highest SPF recommended by the FDA made with natural active ingredients (SPF 50).

Our Founder

After faithfully applying a chemical-based sunscreen daily for 26 years, founder Richard Doermer was diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma. Thanks to his doctors, he won his battle with skin cancer. What he lost, however, was the trust he'd put into chemical sunscreens. He developed a passion to create a safe, effective sunscreen using natural active ingredients. The result was Sunology Sunscreen - daily sun protection inspired by nature™.

Why Sunology

As you can see, Sunology was founded by people just like you: people who love being in the sun and who weren't always aware of the immense risks. Many of you have probably been in Richard Doermer's shoes, and you're no longer swayed by fancy packaging or lots of buzzwords. You want something that works and is good for your skin. But don't take it from us -- see what everyone else has to say.